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Meet the Team - Emma Skytt

This week's Meet the Team is a good one..

Meet Emma Skytt, our designer! Emma is the one who really creates the magic at ICANIWILL. Emma and our founder Gustaf together design all the amazing gear that you see on our website, everything from tights, to hoodies and shakers. There is no one as conscious about trends and styles as Emma, we all wished we could be just half as up to date as she is!
Emma studied Fashion Technician in Borås, the textile Mekka of Sweden. She describes herself as creative (duh) and open minded with a constantly overloaded agenda. She says the people at ICANIWILL makes a great team and loves that everybody at the office trusts each other and their different competencies, she believes that’s the key to thriving organization.



What have you done today at work?

My days look quite different since the styles that we are currently working on are at different stages of the process. Today I have checked development samples and had fittings, picked out the colors for some of the SS21 styles and drawn some of the styles that will be released later next year.


What’s your top 3?

Netflix marathons with my boyfriend, creamy truffle pasta and prosecco nights with my girls.


Favorite piece from ICANIWILL?

Definitely Nimble tights, there are no other tights like them! Suuuper soft to the point where you can hardly tell you’re even wearing anything.


Who at the office would you bring to a deserted island any why?

I will have to say our COO Alexander Ruckemann who’s been in the army. It feels like he would definitely know how to survive on a deserted island!


Cardio or lifting?

Definitely lifting, I always get bored during cardio


What do we not know about you?

I love to bake and a couple of years ago I actually had a small café where I did all the baking.

Become a home workout professional

It’s undeniably a strange world we live in right now as we are expected to do everything from home. We work from home, buy our groceries from home, and a lot of us even workout from home. With gyms being closed or lock down being a fact we face new struggles and staying active can seem like an impossibility. But don’t be sorry, all you probably need is a little push in the right direction to get that motivation going!


Some people find it a lot easier to work out in the comfort of their living room, while others lack the motivation a gym environment would bring. Regardless if you need help to get going or you’re just looking for tips to spice up your routine, we’ve gathered a few tips that will make you a true pro when it comes to home workouts.



The beauty of home workouts is that you hardly need any equipment – your own body is more than enough to get a good sweat. Body weight workouts are probably the most common to do at home. Jumping squats, burpees and push-ups will most likely get your heart rate up and muscles pumping even without any extra weight.

However, if you want an extra challenge – minibands, a yoga mat and a kettlebell are great equipment to level up your workout.

If you don’t want to go all out fancy, a backpack with a couple of filled water bottles inside will work just as fine!

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need a whole basement, or empty room to start your home workout career. If you find a spot big enough for your yoga mat – you’re good to go.

How do I start?

Coming up with your own workouts can be hard, so this is the time to be creative.

There are countless ways to structure your session. Count reps and sets, set a timer and perform certain exercises for 45 seconds each, see how long it will take you to perform 100 of a given exercise, or work with time under tension by performing every exercise slower than usual to really feel that burn. When it comes to planning a workout, google is your best friend. There are basically unlimited workout ideas out there, but the vocabulary is sometimes hard to understand. We’ve broken down the most common ways to structure a workout to hopefully give you some ideas and help understand all the acronyms you can run across when looking for inspiration.


Circuits are great if you want to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time, and can be done in endless variations. Pick five exercises and do them for one minute each, repeat five times with one minute rest in between the rounds  and voila! You just made yourself a 30 minute efficient workout session! 


Minute 1: Exercise A

Minute 2: Exercise B

Minute 3: Exercise C

Minute 4: Exercise D

Minute 5: Exercise E

Rest for 1 minute, and repeat five times.



EMOM is short for “every minute, on the minute”. During an EMOM workout you give yourself a time window to perform a certain amount of exercises and repeat for 10-15 minutes. If you finish before the time window runs out, you get to rest until the next time period starts. The idea is that the more intensity you put in (i.e. the faster you’re done) the more rest you get. This can come off as a little confusing, so let us walk you through an example.

Let’s say you’ll give yourself a time window of one minute to complete 

5 of exercise A

5 of exercise B 

5 of exercise C

If you’re done with all exercises before one minute has passed, you get to rest until minute two starts, and you perform the same exercises again. Do this for 10-15 minutes, depending on how hard it is. Ideally, you will get more tired the longer you go, and the exercises will take longer to finish each round, thus, there will be less rest time the longer you go.

For time

This is as simple as it gets. Set a number of exercises, like a 100 air squats for example, and see how long it takes to complete. Challenge yourself by trying to do it a little bit faster next time.


Amrap is short for As Many Reps As Possible. The idea is pretty self explanatory. Pick a number of exercises and reps for each exercise. I.e. 10 of exercise A, 15 of exercise B and so on. Set a timer, anything from 10 to 30 minutes, and then repeat the exercises as many times as you can during the given time period. This is truly a killer. 

Good ole’ reps and sets

Why complicate things? Sometimes you just want to get old school with it and do 10x4 of your favorite exercises. And you know what? It’s worked for ages, and it will work just as well in the gym as in your living room.

Yoga and stretch

If weights and high intensity sessions are not your cup of tea, use that yoga mat for what it’s really meant for. There is no better feeling than giving yourself time to relax and unwind, and what better way than giving your body a good stretch or relaxing yoga session? There are tons of great yoga and stretch sessions on youtube that you can follow. And remember, time invested in yourself is time well spent. 

Make a plan

Just like everything else in life it’s a lot easier to get your workout done if you make a plan. Plan your workouts and plan your rest days. Routines are even more important when working (and working out) from home. So, plan your sessions in advance, that way it takes less effort to actually get it done.


Track your progress

Most importantly – remember to track your progress! With minimal equipment it can be hard, but oh so important. Everything gets more fun when you see progress, so make sure to track your time, weight or number of reps to help stay motivated!


Need a head start? Check out this home workout program by our founder, and personal trainer Gustaf Ollas. It’s a great one!

How to make your gym clothes last (almost) forever

We all have that favorite outfit we wish we could wear to the gym every single day. The problem is that wearing and washing clothes frequently can make them lose their shape, color and elasticity. Ripping seams or worn out fabric is typically not a result of bad quality garment, but simply a result of how we treat it.


In this article we’re sharing all our secret tips to take better care of your beloved workout gear and make your clothing investment worth every penny by giving them a longer life!


  1. Ditch the laundry basket

“I always have time to wash my gym clothes right after a workout” said no one ever. Let’s be real, even though washing right after your workout would be ideal, who has time for that? Instead, we suggest you hang your used clothes to dry instead of thronging them in a hamper until you have time to machine wash them. This is better for the fabric and reduces the risk of smelly clothes.

Photo: Annie Spratt

  1. Turn them inside out

Not only does turning your clothes inside out pre wash maintain their color, it will also get rid of the sweat, dirt and bacteria from the inside of your clothes more easily. Garments with printed or sewed designs also benefit from being turned inside out, as it protects the design that could otherwise get damaged in the washer.


  1. Wash in colder temperatures

Elastics do not go well with heat, so make sure you’re washing your elastic garments in colder water to maintain its shape. Ideally, avoid washing your workout gear with rougher fabrics like wool or cotton as this may cause pilling. No one wants to be stuck with a lint roller right before a workout.


  1. Let the clothes air dry

As mentioned above, heat will mess with the clothes elasticity, so we suggest you hang your clothes to dry after the wash or tumble dry in colder temperature. Most workout clothes nowadays are made in moisture-wicking fabric and won’t take as long to air dry as other clothing. The little longer wait will be worth it though, as this prolongs the life of your beloved gear.


Pieces from our Nimble collection

  1. Rotate your wardrobe

Trends fluctuate all the time and we all want to have the latest designs in our closet. But a lot of times that means we forget about the goldies we bought a few months ago. To avoid forgetting about your older pieces in the back, remember to go through your closet every once in a while, and rotate your wardrobe. Every item deserves its own moment and who knows, the piece you were so tired of last year may feel just like new!


  1. Let go of the fabric softener

Fabric softener can be great to make your everyday clothes soft and fresh smelling. However, this is not the way to go with elastic, moisture-wicking garments. The fabric softener sinks into the weaves of the fabric and will break down the elastic material, making it not so elastic and not so moisture-wicking anymore. 

  1. Bring out your inner seamstress

Remember the crafts classes in elementary school? Well now’s the time to break out the skills. Last but not least we want to show a little appreciation for the old school sewing kit your grandma gave you 10 years ago. A loose button or a tragic rip doesn’t have to be the end for your clothes. Try stitching it back together, we promise you’ll be surprised by the sewing skills you didn’t know you had.

Photo: Oli Woodman

Meet the Team - Charlotta Molander

It's Friday, and that means you get to meet another one of our outstanding co-workers.

Meet Charlotta Molander, our Business Controller! Charlotta is born and raised in Finland and moved to Stockholm for her job with us – and for that we are both proud and thankful! Charlotta is well traveled, to say the least. For the last five years she’s lived in Finland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden. When she’s not cuddling with her Schnauzer Vilson (who’s sadly still in Finland), she enjoys spending time in the stable around horses. Charlotta got her bachelor’s degree in international finance & control and we’re not lying when we say she’s great with numbers. When asked what the best part about working at ICANIWILL is she answers “I love that everybody working here is so driven and enthusiastic about what they do. It’s truly contagious and motivates me to work harder and become even better at my job!”. She says she loves the family-like environment and relaxed atmosphere at the office.




What have you done today at work?

On an everyday basis my work consists of building reports and structuring the economic and financial performance. I’m also working together with various departments within the company to develop a system that would make the operations within the company smoother. Today specifically I have worked on the monthly report and built some reports in power bi.


What’s your top 3?

My dog Vilson, drinking Aperol Spritz on a warm sunny day at my parents summer place and long days at the stable.


Favorite piece from ICANIWILL?

The Inhale Crewneck! It goes with literally everything.


Who at the office would you bring to a deserted island any why?

I would bring everyone from the company, let’s see who is the last man standing.


Cardio or lifting?

Lifting any day. I’m not much of a cardio person but I like to build muscle and see how strong I can get.


What do we not know about you?

I’m afraid of birds.

Sports Bra Guide

The sports bra is every girls’ best friend. Finding the right one can be equally hard, as important, and the wide range of bras on the market can sometimes be overwhelming. But getting your hands on the perfect one shouldn’t be harder than the workout you plan to use them for, so we gathered all the information you need to find the best sports bra for your needs.

Let’s get into it!

Nimble sports bra in Plum color


The level of support of your sports bra depends on the activity it’s meant for. So, step no. 1 is to consider the type of activity you’ll be doing. Most sports bras are designed in three levels of support – low, medium and high. The higher the impact, the more support you’ll need. Examples of high impact could be running, jumping or dancing. While low impact activities include yoga and strength training. At the end of the day though, it all comes down to what fits your body and makes you feel comfortable! If you want to yoga in your high support sports bra – then go for it! There’s no right or wrong here.


Low support

Low support sports bras are typically more light weight and made out of a softer material. These sports bras will slightly compress the breasts against the chest wall for a lighter support. Straps are usually a little narrower and not always adjustable. The low support sports bras are typically made for your rest days, long walks, yoga session or strength training. Our low support bras include Queen Mesh, Define Seamless and Let Go.


Medium Support

The medium support bra is made for workouts that involve moderate impact such as spin classes, dancing or functional training. Bands and straps are usually wider, and the material is a little thicker and sits a little tighter to your body. The medium support sports bras can be both compression or encapsulations style. For medium support bras, check out Dynamic Seamless, Inhale or Nimble for example.


High Support

This is the heavy-duty stuff. High support sports bras are typically used for running, mountain biking or high intensity workouts that involve jumping or bouncing. With wider straps and often times a cross back design, the high support bra makes sure your babies stay in place. Our favorite high support bras are Focus Sports Bra, Energize and Harmony.


Define Seamless sports bra in Faded Violet Melange


The second most important thing when looking for a new sports bra is the size. Unfortunately, a lot of women end up buying sports bras in the wrong size, causing discomfort. Using the wrong size can also prevent the bra from doing the job it’s meant to do. So, to make sure you’re really wearing the right size bra, we suggest you go look through your drawers for some measuring tape and measure yourself before your purchase. Our bodies change over time, and so does our size.

A great rule of thumb is to raise your arms when wearing the sports bra. This movement should be comfortable, and the bra should stay in place and not follow the movement. If you can check those two off, your bra is most likely a good fit.

Ombre Seamless sports bra in Graphite Melange

Last but not least is the material. The material of the bra is vital for your comfort. It’s important that the sports bra is made out of a breathing material that efficiently transports any moisture from your body, to prevent discomfort. Even bras in a thicker material should be breathable. Our Focus Sports Bra is the perfect example of a high support sports bra with SWEATTECHTM material that will both keep you girls in place and keep you dry and comfortable.


Inhale sports bra in color Stone

As always, make sure to wash your sports bra in the recommended temperature and do not tumble dry to prolong its life!

Meet the Team - Maxine Jarlsbo

It's Friday and that means you get to meet another of our colleagues!

Meet Maxine Jarlsbo, our Content and Social Media Coordinator. Maxine is the brain behind our Instagram feed, story content, newsletter and all other magic you see on our social medias. Maxine has been with us since September this year and describes ICANIWILL as a fast paced and dynamic workplace where people are encouraged to challenge themselves and be creative. She has a solid background in content creation and media production and is a real expert when it comes to creating digital content.

Someone once said you can learn a lot about a person based on their style of music. On the rare occasion that you hear bag pipes and tunes associated with Irish pubs at the office, you know Maxine is the one hooked up to the Bluetooth.


Want to know more about her? Then keep reading…


What have you done today at work?

Today I’ve been doing some editing on a ”Behind the scenes” video for our Instagram and set up some newsletters that we’re sending out in a few weeks. Every day is different though, either I could sit and plan our Instagram feed or be out at a photoshoot and that’s the beauty of this job - the diversity of tasks! 


What’s your top 3?

My wee Irishman, animals and everything Guy Ritchie. 


Favorite piece from ICANIWILL?

I have to admit, the scrunch tights! They accentuate you in all the right places and are super comfortable. 


Who at the office would you bring to a deserted island any why?

Can I say my whole team? At least then I could die happy while playing Mario Kart. (We would obviously bring a tv, the nintendo switch and endless amounts of batteries)


Cardio or lifting?

I’m more of a pilates girl, but if I do have to pick I’d say lifting! 


What do we not know about you?

I’ve worked in a high security prison with murderers. One day one of the lads came running towards me with a shovel, but he stopped just before he was gonna hit me in the head. He said he stopped because I looked him dead in the eye and didn’t back down. After that our relationship as a guard and inmate was good though, I was never worried about him again. 

Outdoor – Our first ever collection for outdoor workouts

Outdoor running is both loved and hated. Some people find it releasing, while others see it as a mountain impossible to cross. But with a different social situation that keeps a lot of us from working out in the gym, outdoor training has become more popular than ever.  


Colder days are approaching, and we need to bundle up in order to stay warm for our new outdoor adventures. We know that good conditions lay the ground for great results. We may not have the power to change the weather conditions, but we do have the power to change how it affects you. That’s why we just launched our first ever outdoor collection for men and women.

This collection consists of tights and long sleeve zip ups for both men and women. The fleece layer on the long sleeve will keep you warm and the SWEATTECH technology in all the pieces will efficiently transport any moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. Running in the dark can be risky at times if you’re not visible to the traffic. That’s why we equipped the leggings with stylish 360° reflective material. The design is not only for show, it fills a vital function!

This is our best outdoor workout clothes yet, and we are beyond happy to offer an alternative to what has previously been our focus, indoor and gym training. This series of highly functional pieces is filled with clever details and smart functions so you can get the most out of your outdoor session.

So, sorry to say, but bad weather is no longer an excuse! We hope you’ll love this collection as much as we do.

Meet the Team - Ebba Lange

This week we're starting a Meet the Team series so you can get to know the people behind your favorite workout brand! Every week we'll present a new team member from ICANIWILL. We're starting off with Ebba!

Meet Ebba Lange, our PR and Communications Manager. Ebba is involved in our external communication, everything from communicating what’s new at ICANIWILL, to media presence and interviews. Ebba describes herself as very curious, drinks too much coffee and doesn’t like early mornings. She says working at ICANIWILL every day is different, she loves the team atmosphere at the office and the variety in her job.

When asked what the best part about working at ICANIWILL is she answers “The best part of my job is definitely the challenges it brings and the wide variety of things I experience. At ICANIWILL everybody strives forward and are dedicated to what they do, working in such environment is very inspiring.”

We asked Ebba a few questions to get to know her a little better.

What have you done today at work?
Every day is different at the office, but Fridays are usually a day when I wrap up the week and start planning for the next. Today started with a workout with a few colleagues, and after that I’ve followed up on emails, drafted a press release, written news for our press page next week, talked to journalists and had about one too many cups of coffee. That’s about a normal Friday for me at ICANIWILL.

What’s your top 3?
Podcast walks, tacos w lots of lime and coriander, my parents’ dalmatian Thea.

Favorite piece from ICANIWILL?
I am absolutely in love wit­­h my Nimble tights, they’re the softest pair of tights I have ever worn. 

Who at the office would you bring to a deserted island any why?
I think I would force Catharina from our e-com department to go with me. She’s always super calm, logical and strategic in the way she goes about things. She would definitely know how to survive on a deserted island.

Cardio or lifting?

What do we not know about you?
I make the best sourdough bread.

The ICIW-family is growing

We don’t think anyone has missed the news that ICANIWILL is growing like never before.

In times like these we’re even more proud to be able to continue to expand the office with more employees, release new collections and sign more collaborations.

As we add more people to the office we want to take the time to present our newest additions to the ICIW-family and let you get to know us a little better!




Our creative team has grown with two new faces, Maxine Jarlsbo and Ebba Lange. Maxine is our new Content and Social Media Coordinator and the brain behind our Instagram feed, story content, newsletter and all other magic you see on our social medias. We are so excited to have her onboard! Ebba started working with us last week and will implement PR into our strategy. She’ll do everything from securing media exposure to interviews and product PR.

Our purchasing team has added a new star in Alba Adiels. Alba has been with us for a month and has already done a great job to optimize and streamline our purchasing and logistics.


Last but not least, we’ve hired our first ever Management Trainee in Viktoria Serreau! Viktoria has studied Business and Management at Stockholm School of Economics and was previously a Business Analyst at Urb-it. We’re incredibly proud to have Viktoria with us and are looking forward to see how she develops here at ICANIWILL!

Treningsprogram for hjemmetrening!

Vi har laget et treningsprogram som passer perfekt for deg som vil ha en utfordring i hjemmetreningen. Å trene kan man gjøre hvor som helst, og du trenger kun din egen kropp som redskap. Programmet øker pulsen og utfordrer utholdenheten, noe som gir deg en skikkelig svett hjemmetrening!

Tid: 24 min
Fokus: Styrketrening i hjemmemiljø, med ekstra fokus på utførelse og kontakt med de riktige musklene.
Mål: Styrke + puls for utholdenhet og styrketrening.

Programmets opplegg:
- Gjør hver øvelse i 1 minutt og rett etter hverandre. Bruk stoppeklokken på telefonen din for å holde styr på tiden.
- Når du har gjort alle øvelsene, kan du hvile i 1 minutt for deretter å repetere programmet 3 omganger til.


- Knebøy
- Armhevninger
- Situps
- Utfall
- Planken

Post gjerne en video med hashtaggen #icaniwill #icaniwillworkout, og legg gjerne igjen en kommentar her under om hva du synes om programmet!

Todelt treningsplan à la ICIW

Vi vil ikke bare gi folk de beste forutsetningene når det gjelder klær og utstyr til treningen, men også gi dem de beste forutsetningene for å gjennomføre en god treningsøkt!

ICIW-grunnlegger Gustaf Ollas har utviklet et todelt treningsprogram for deg som trener to økter i uken og har lyst til å dele opp fokuset ditt i de respektive øktene. I løpet av Gustafs to første år som selvstendig næringsdrivende jobbet han også som personlig trener, og Gustaf har mer enn 10 års erfaring innen styrketrening – samtidig som han har konkurrert i Fitness5 og Athletic Fitness.


– Kjør følgende todelt plan i 3 uker.

– Skriv ned hvilke vekter du bruker til hver økt.

– Varm opp før hver økt og tøy ut når økten er over.

5x15 = 5 sett ganger 15 repetisjoner

SS = Supersett = kjør 1 sett under den første øvelsen og så direkte 1 sett i andre øvelse, så hviler du den utsatte tiden.

hvil i 60 sekunder mellom settene

  1. Benkpress
  2. Chins eller latstrekk
  3. Stående militærpress
  4. Bicepscurls SS skullcrushers
  5. Sittende roing SS facepulls
  6. Sideløft SS liggende flyes med manualer (på benk)

hvil i 60 sekunder mellom settene

  1. Knebøy
  2. Benpress
  3. Strake markløft SS utfallssteg
  4. Benspark SS liggende lårcurl
  5. Leggpress (valgfritt) SS sissy squats

Øv på teknikken!

Det er avgjørende å bruke riktig teknikk under styrketreningen. Hvis øvelsene utføres på en uforsiktig måte, kan man risikere å skade seg. Begynn alltid med lavere vekter slik at du kan mestre teknikken med god kontroll, og øk så vekten. Du kan også spørre den personlige treneren din hvis du er usikker!

Kort hvile!

Øktens oppbygging er delvis basert på en kort hviletid mellom settene. Ta tiden for å få mest mulig ut av økten. Du kan bruke stoppeklokken på mobilen til hjelp.

Muskeltretthet gjennom volum!

Øktens oppbygging gir muskeltretthet på grunn av det høye volumet. Følg retningslinjene for å få mest mulig ut av økten, og hvis du trener sammen med noen kan du be dem hjelpe deg med å telle antall repetisjoner!


Kjør hardt og fortell oss gjerne hva du synes om treningsprogrammet!


Gustaf og Fredrik Gustafsson i samtale under forelesning,

NMW – Det skjer selvfølgelig i Norrbotten!

ICANIWILL og Gustaf fikk æren av å delta som frokostforelesere på NMW i Boden i Sverige. Arrangementet gikk av stabelen 11. februar, og fant sted på Boden Business Park.

NMW er et årlig arrangement som trekker til seg besøkende fra hele Sverige, og har som mål å inspirere og løfte kulturell og kreativ næringsvirksomhet i nord. Salen var fullsatt, og 60 nysgjerrige og interesserte besøkende deltok på Gustafs forelesning.

Gustaf delte sin inspirerende reise fra det å bare ha en idé og en post-it-lapp på baderomsspeilet hjemme i Uppsala i 2009, til starten av et klesmerke uten kapital eller kunnskap – samt utfordringene og lærdommene som fulgte med.

Bærekraft og miljø

ICANIWILL har vært opptatt av miljø og bedriftens samfunnsansvar i valg av fabrikker og produsenter siden vi startet med klesproduksjon i 2015. I dag samarbeider vi med en rekke nøye utvalgte produsenter rundt om i verden. Noen fabrikker jobber vi direkte med, mens kontakten med andre produsenter går via strengt kontrollerte agenter. Vårt mål er å besøke alle produsentene våre én gang i året.

Et strategisk viktig valg som vi på ICANIWILL har tatt, er å sørge for at store deler av klesproduksjonen vår foregår innenfor EU. Dette fordi:
1) Den fysiske nærheten gjør det enklere for oss å kontrollere arbeidsmiljø, lønn o.l.
2) Den negative påvirkningen på miljøet på grunn av transport er betydelig lavere.
3) Også tekstil og tilbehør velges først og fremst fra produsenter innenfor EU, for å redusere påvirkningen på miljøet.

Utover kravene vi selv har definert og stiller til våre produsenter, har vi også valgt å jobbe med produsenter som har større kunder (svenske og internasjonale). Slik blir vi flere som kvalitetssikrer og stiller krav.
Utover dette jobber vi med å utvikle våre egne retningslinjer for bedriftens samfunnsansvar. Denne prosessen er omfattende og tidkrevende, men viktig.

Resirkulert materiale
I dag viser forskning at det er visse fordeler med resirkulerte materialer, men samtidig finnes det klare ulemper. Vi har derfor valgt å avvente med å bruke resirkulert materiale til vi kan finne en løsning som på en eller annen måte er klimapositiv. Vi jobber for tiden med en kolleksjon som vi har fått sertifisert, og håper på lansering i løpet av 2020. Nærmere informasjon kommer.

Våre fabrikker er av høy kvalitet og arbeidsforholdene i form av lønn, arbeidstider o.l. er i henhold til lovene i respektive land. I videoen under kan du få et bedre innblikk i hvordan produksjonen typisk sett ser ut fra innsiden.

Ung cancer - Kraftsamlingen

Denne helgen gikk Ung Cancers årlige medlemsmøte av stabelen; Kraftsamlingen!

Kraftsamlingen er én av Europas største møteplasser for unge voksne som lider av kreft. En helg fylt med fellesskap, latter, tårer, inspirasjon og vennskap. En helg der unge voksne med kreft og deres pårørende får treffe hverandre og føle seg sterkere sammen.

I tillegg til samlingen denne helgen, blir det også underholdning, workshops og forelesninger. Vår grunnlegger, Gustaf Ollas, hadde en motiverende forelesning for medlemmene.


Den aktive livsstilen vi på ICANIWILL står for, omfatter også reiser og velværeaktiviteter. Ett av Norges vakreste stedet er som kjent Lofoten, og før nyhetsslippet i juli fikk vi muligheten til å besøke dette magiske stedet for foto- og videoarbeid. Her på ICIW Stories vil du kunne lese om fremtidige produktlanseringer og inspirasjon til reiser og finne videomateriale og inspirasjonsbilder. Vi introduserer ICIW i Lofoten!


Svart / Gull- Begrenset utgave

Da jeg startet selskapet, var jeg besatt av Limited Editions. Min grunnleggende idè var å selge produkter med håndskrevne tall på alle plaggene, med et personlig brev fra meg til kunden. Det gikk bra med de første produktene, men jeg skjønte raskt at det ikke ville vare med den veksten vi hadde, og konseptet ble deretter modifisert slik at det kunne håndteres. I dag produserer vi mange produkter i større utgaver, men vi vil fortsatt holde enkelte produkter ekstra spesielle.
Black / Gold -kolleksjonen, er en hyllest til våre røtter og hvordan vi pleide å jobbe i begynnelsen. Denne gangen har vi tatt konseptet litt lenger, og for å sikre at du er unik har vi nummerert hvert produkt. Du finner nummeret på innsiden av hvert produkt - 1/100 etc.
Hva er ideen om bare gull?
Vi tror at alle trenger litt mer gull i sine liv. Disse Black Golden Garments, er basert på den samme ideen som ICANIWILL-merkevaren. Du kan enten velge å tro det er smart og bare et navn, eller du kan grave dypt inne i deg selv og føle hvordan du kan forholde deg til vår kamp og merkevaren ICIW på reisen din. Har du nådd en milepæl, har du nådd halvveis til målet ditt? Gi deg selv et gullmedalje-plagg for å feire målet eller milepælen.

Vi velger å tro at disse gyldne, trykte gjenstandene, vil gi litt ekstra gnist og besluttsomhet i livet ditt når de vanskelige tidene kommer, for tro meg; de kommer. Men uansett hvor tøft det kan føles der og da, vil du fortsette å presse deg fremover. Slutt aldri å kjempe! Slutt aldri å tro på deg selv!
Limited Black Golden-serien består av:
- 100 Hettegensere
- 100 Joggers / Bukser med gullbroderi
- 100 Tri-blend t-skjorter
- 100 stykker Perform korte shorts

Produktene vil bli utgitt 3. august 2018
/ Gustaf, grunnlegger ICIW


Velkommen til ICANIWILL-historier, eller som vi ofte sier; ICIW-historier.

Jeg heter Gustaf, og siden jeg startet selskapet i 2012, hadde jeg en drøm om å skape min egen livsstil. Et merke som forbinder de menneskene som i utgangspunktet tror på muligheten til å skape det livet vi ønsker å leve.

Mens jeg satt i kontorstolen en dag på min første ordentlige jobb etter økonomistudiene og lurte på hva som drev meg og hvordan jeg ønsket å leve livet mitt i fremtiden, innså jeg raskt at dette ikke var riktig vei for meg.

For meg var valget enkelt. Livet er for kort for ikke å bruke dagene til å gjøre noe som tar en nærmere sitt mål. Sagt og gjort, etter en søvnløs uke med frenetisk skissering av oppsettet til selskapet, sa jeg opp min eneste faste inntekt. En ekstremt skummel og stor beslutning, men det absolutt beste valget jeg har tatt i hele mitt liv. Akkurat nå bruker jeg tid på å gjøre de tingene jeg brenner for og som jeg vet vil ta meg til mine mål. Jeg er ikke der ennå, men veldig mye nærmere enn om jeg hadde valgt å ikke følge mitt hjerte den dagen.

ICIW er på en reise; en reise jeg har gleden av å være grunnlegger og administrerende direktør for. Vi ønsker å spre den troen vi har, slik at flere mennesker tør å ta de harde og tøffe beslutningene, som vi tror vi vokser på.

Liker du vår tankegang? Liker du visjonen vår? Ja, da er det stor sannsynlighet for at du vil elske klærne våre ekstra godt. Hvert produkt vi selger, er resultatet av min iver for å utvikle og lære meg nye ting. For nesten 5 år siden visste jeg ikke mer om klesindustrien og produksjonen enn mannen i gata, men jeg var overbevist om at jeg kunne lære meg og skape noe bra.

Her på Stories er vår tanke at du skal få se klærne våre i miljøer der de tar seg best ut; en plattform hvor våre kunder, samarbeidspartnere og venner gjør det de elsker og som fører dem nærmere sine mål.

Velkommen til en ICIW-verden der hver historie er skapt av folk som tok sjansen.

Kjære hilsener,
Gustaf og ICIW-familien
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